Employee Spotlight: Matthew I. Leituala

I am Matthew Isaako Leituala. Married to Melanie McCabe Leituala. We have 4 wonderful children; Fagasoaia-Iliganoa Patrick Leituala, Elsie Talaleu Leituala, Faivaotamalii Carlie Leituala, McCabe Isaako Leituala.

If you have found these names a little hard to pronounce, it is because we come from a beautiful group of islands called Samoa. The islands are about 5-hours south of Hawaii by plane. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “Why are you in San Antonio?” The islands are the most beautiful place on the planet, with the clearest waters and tropical landscape. As with most places like that, there are not many work opportunities. After a few other stops, we landed here.

Melanie and I recently experienced one of the most difficult financial years of our 18-year marriage. I resigned from my job at University of Texas at San Antonio (My name is still on the site) as their Assistant Athletics Director for Academics. After that I spent time doing what I could to support my family. I was doing everything from merchandising plants at Home Depot to starting a small business called Old Glory’s Road that puts out American flags on Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day. I worked for a window cleaning company called Frei Style Window Cleaning, where I learned about the joys and challenges of the service industry. I even spent some long hours at night driving for Uber.

I have been in Higher Education since 2002, it’s all I’ve really known. In Higher Ed I was the teacher that could discuss topics like business, networking, and developing solid relationships. I was great at teaching these subjects to others, but it started to feel stagnant. I felt I had no real opportunities for growth my last 3 years in Higher Ed. Learning and teaching is just one side of the coin, the other side is applying those principles in your life. Expanding your perspective, engaging your mind, and utilizing new skills and abilities. This realization hit me when an opportunity came up to work for Your Neighborhoodz LLC Roofing and Exterior Restoration. I started work there earlier this year and it’s been an awesome ride. The coaching, personal development, and personal accountability expected of me and my team has re-energized me. I now get to apply all the things I have been teaching over the years. One of my favorite aspects is networking. I belong to a wonderful weekly business-to-business networking group called BNI. This awesome group of motivated people has taught me so much over the last few months, and I want to thank them for their examples.

It’s been awesome to learn a whole new trade and field of work. Interacting with families, doing my best to assist them in maintaining and improving their homes, has been a true joy and brought me much fulfillment. Sometimes, literally putting their homes back together piece-by-piece. To help people through the stress and joy of different construction projects; such as, roof replacement, fence repairs, gutter installation, exterior painting, staining fences, staining decks, and general home repairs is a great accomplishment. I love being the person they can trust when things don’t go exactly as planned; the person they can turn to with questions. As I am there to take care of them, it puts them at ease. I get to keep, and continue to master, the skills I gained over the years in Higher Education. I Educate, Empower and Engage customers about the insurance claim and construction process.

Our office is young, hip, and diverse. It employs next generation technology and innovation. Everyone is working hard on developing and bettering themselves every day. Inputting ideas and making them happen. I love the Selflessness and Constant Change environment. I no longer am sitting, watching the clock, waiting for 4:45 to roll around so I can pack my belongings to get home. Now I can’t believe how fast the day flies and I wish I had more time in the day to learn and accomplish more!

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