We can’t help with food or clothes, but we can put a ROOF over your head!

When was the last time you checked the health of your roof? Are you unsure on how to spot signs of roof wear and tear? Do you think it is time you repaired your roof? Well, let the roofing experts in San Antonio assist you in conducting a roof inspection.

Exteriors of a home, especially the roof, suffer from a variety of elements like sun, rain and snow. Also, over time, leaves and debris get accumulated on the roofs and gutters. These elements result in wear & tear, effectively reducing the overall lifetime of the roof. Damaged roofs make it easier for water to travel and seep through the roof resulting in leakage. Did you know that even a small amount of accumulated debris can do a lot of damage if is left unattended.

Your Neighborhoodz specializes in installation, repair and maintenance of roofs. We have been helping clients in the Greater San Antonio metropolitan with their roofing needs since 2005. Being a trusted roofing contractor in San Antonio, we help clients avoid costly roofing mistakes.

Get a licensed, insured and reliable roofer in San Antonio!


  • Protects the rest of the home from the elements.
  • Protects heirlooms and collectibles.
  • Keeps family and friends sheltered from inclement weather.
  • Improves aesthetics of the structure.


  • People do not feel comfortable with themselves, or their loved ones, climbing tall ladders; so the roof is neglected.
  • Roofs are exposed 24/7 to the elements, leading to deterioration.
  • Vegetation and animals can cause damage.
  • Penetrations such as vents, skylights, and chimneys commonly develop leaks.
  • Since it is hard to spot roof damage from the ground, it often goes unnoticed until there is a significant problem.


  • Setup a yearly maintenance program.
  • Keep vegetation cut back, at least 4 feet, from roof lines.
  • Routinely remove leaves and other buildup from the roof’s surface.
  • Immediately upon identifying a concern, have a roofing contractor perform an inspection.
  • Make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

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