No Stain, No Gain!

Wondering if your property fence needs a makeover? Or if your fence is looking dull? Well, fence staining can transform the overall look and feel of your home. Staining also acts as a protective layer on the fences and extends its life. If you are unsure on where to get started with staining, let Your Neighborhoodz help you. We are among the top quality staining service providers in the San Antonio area.

At Your Neighborhoodz, our mission is to make old weathered fences look new and fresh with our staining services. We ensure that the fences retain their natural appearance even after staining.

Your Neighborhoodz is a professional roofing and exterior restoration contractor in San Antonio. Our team of professionals is trained in different aspects of home improvement like fencing, staining, tarping and more.

Gets a fence staining estimate for your San Antonio property today with your Neighborhoodz!


  • Improves aesthetics.
  • Provides protection from water and UV rays.
  • Helps prevent wood rot.


  • Sun exposure.
  • High traffic areas wear out quicker.
  • Animals scratch surfaces and cause damage to the finish.
  • Fades and deteriorates over time, reducing effectiveness.


  • Choose a product that fits your maintenance desires.
  • Use a solid stain for easier maintenance.
  • Re-stain every 2-3 years for increased longevity.
  • Direct sprinklers away from stained surfaces.
  • Keep potted plants, and similar items, elevated off stained surfaces.

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