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How a strong Business-to-Business relationship with your contractor improves profitability
Whether you are an entrepreneur, or a vital employee, the struggles of running a business can kill your spirit and impede growth. Day-to-day tasks buildup and become a weight that you carry around at all times. Difficulties arise that distract you from generating profit and establishing scalability. Strategic Business-to-Business relationships can support your business and alleviate desk stress.
At Your Neighborhoodz LLC we believe that success is not achieved alone. We believe a solid network of external resources is requisite. When strategic B-to-B relationships do not exist, those tasks and troubles fall on you. Initially you may think you are saving money by retaining certain responsibilities, or using the cheapest vendors, but “putting out fires” can suck up all your time and make it impossible to nurture your company. The switch cost of wearing too many hats becomes irksome and exhausting. Do you wish that there were people you could trust to take over some of those tasks? Business-to-Business relationships are a resource to help you increase productivity and profitability by allowing you more time to focus on your point-of-sale.
One of the core objectives of Your Neighborhoodz is to continuously improve our ability to support the companies with whom we do business. We recognize the pains of restoration contractors, real estate brokers and agents, insurance brokers and agents, and insurance adjusters, etc. As a contracting company, we understand the common frustrations other businesses have with contractors. Communication, protocols, timeliness on estimates and invoices, and providing documentation—to name a few trouble spots.
Instead of focusing on each issue individually, we spent years creating a system that manages them all for every project. We worked closely with Contracting Toolz LLC and Quacito LLC to design a software system custom-built to contracting and the industries we service. When you team up with Your Neighborhoodz LLC, you’re not just getting a contractor; you’re getting a management system, not to mention a solid knot of personnel.
In a true B-to-B relationship, each representative understands the other’s business. It is a symbiotic relationship—mutually beneficial. Let us know how we can do our part. Let us know how we can help you. Your Account Manager will be more than just a salesman, more than just a technician; he or she will focus on protecting your business and streamlining your processes in any way they can. You will receive customized service and communication.
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