Ounce of prevention!

High winds and torrential rains can cause serious damage to the roofs and these damages require immediate attention. If left unattended, it can lead to further deterioration and result in severe damages. Tarping is one of the best ways to get temporary relief from a leaking and damaged roof.

Not just roofs. Even windows face damage due to high winds and rain. Tarping can also be done on windows as a protection in emergency situations.

Roof and structural damage can occur from wind damage, tornados, hurricanes, falling trees and more. Recovery is the next step after a hurricane or storm. With tarping, you can prevent further damage and thus avoid heavy costs of repair and restoration. Once tarping is done, you can start with the restoration and reconstruction work required by the property.

Serving clients since 2005, Your Neighborhoodz has given property owners a peace of mind until their home damage is fully restored. For emergency tarping or any other home restoration services, get in touch with Your Neighborhoodz.


  • Temporarily prevents further damage.
  • Protects home, possessions, and loved ones.


  • Can be extremely dangerous task to perform.
  • Improper installation will limit effectiveness.


  • Call a professional.

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