Get off the Fence!

Bring privacy and security to your property with a fence. Functional, yet visually appealing, fences make a great value addition to your home. At your Neighborhoodz, we believe that a fence is an asset of the home that can continue to add value for several years to come. Our carefully designed and constructed fences not only add safety, but also enhance the visual appeal of your property.

Your Neighborhoodz has been serving the fencing needs of clients across Greater San Antonio metropolitan area since 2005. Our goal is to ensure that we exceed every customers’ highest level of satisfaction with every fence service or fence repair we complete.

We offer quality fencing installation and repair solutions at competitive prices. Whether you need a fence installation or fence repair, Your Neighborhoodz offers the best services in San Antonio, TX.

Are you looking forward to adding a fence to your property? Call Your Neighborhoodz.


  • Establishes a safe place for kids to play.
  • Increases security of the property.
  • Provides privacy for family and friends.
  • Keeps pets from roaming.
  • Increases curb appeal.
  • Hides your junk!


  • Colors fade.
  • Boards rot and warp.
  • Fasteners loosen.
  • Footings give and panels lean.
  • Gates sag and become difficult to operate.


  • Stain fence to boost longevity.
  • Redirect sprinkler spray that hits the fence.
  • Keep vegetation cut back, and remove undue soil buildup.
  • Avoid leaning items against fencing, or hanging items from fencing.
  • Repair minor defects before they become bigger problems.
  • Discuss replacement concerns with neighbors; projects that span property lines are easier when done as a unified group.
  • Consult a professional about fencing options…you’ll be surprised!!

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