Signs that Shingles Roof Requires Repair or Replacement

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When was the last time you inspected the wear and tear of your shingles roof? Don’t remember? Most homeowners don’t realize the need of roof repair services until it’s too late. Don’t wait to inspect your roof when a pool of water begins flooding your room on a rainy night. By getting roof repair services from a professional contractor, you can prevent serious problems like flooding, water damage and more.

A well-maintained roof not only helps in keeping your property safe, but also adds to its value. Be your own trusted home inspector and check your property regularly to look out for signs of roof damage and wear and tear. If you’re finding roof wear and tear in your inspection, the question will come up of “When do I need to call a roof repair expert?” To help in your inspection, here are the top 4 signs that indicate that your shingle roof needs a roof replacement and repair expert

  • Missing and broken shingles – Shingles are a protective layer for your roof. Broken or missing shingles can act as an entry point for water into the roof. Shingles can get removed by excessive winds or damaged by physical objects like trees and more. If you notice missing or broken shingles, you need to get it fixed.

  • Curling shingles – Curling or clawing of shingles may occur due to excessive heat. Curled shingles turn rigid and can break easily and even get carried off in the wind. Clawing shingles are also prone to ice damage. Curling or clawing is an indicator of serious roof damage and an aging roof system.

  • Leakage – Check under your roof to catch signs of leaks at an early stage. You should also look for dark spots and trails, paint peel offs, and soggy surfaces for signs of water damage.

  • Missing Granules – If you find excessive amounts of shiny shingle granules in your gutter, it’s an indication of shingle damage. These granules form a protective layer over the shingles. When granules are washed away, shingles become vulnerable to damage due to excessive heat and water. Check your area gutters and downspouts for granules.

Knowing these signs of damage will make you your own trusted inspector and guide you when your roof needs the help of an expert. If you notice any of these signs, Contact Your Neighborhoodz LLC for your professional roof replacement services in San Antonio.

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